The People



About me: Hello World! My name is John and I am from St. Paul, MN. I pursued my degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology at Colorado College after a once promising hockey career was marred by various hip and spinal operations. During my time in Colorado, I developed relationships with some of the top manufacturers and honed my scientific understanding in the classroom. As a fourth generation entrepreneur, I remain inspired by the lessons I've learned from my family over the years. Superior Molecular became an idea late in 2017 when there was a clear need for extractors in the industrial hemp space and since then we've never looked back. In my free time I enjoy getting out for delicious food in the Twin Cities and playing golf with my friends and snuggling my cat buttons.

Favorite thing about working at Superior Molecular: My favorite thing about working here is all of the different people we've gotten to work with, from the farmers to the brewers. 

 Favorite TV Show: Real Time with Bill Maher, The Sopranos, Better Call Saul 



About Me:  I recently received my PhD from the University of Minnesota where I studied cannabinoid and terpene genetics. Previous to my doctoral studies, I received my MS from UMN in Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics. In 2017 I started my own breeding company called Hempire Genetics that specializes  specializes in feminized seed and cannabinoid production. In my free time I enjoy riding quads, taking out my boat and spending time with my son and dog. 

Fun Fact: Clemon has worked on a variety of cannabis projects such as the MN Department of Agriculture's grain variety trial, MN feral cannabis breeding, UMN/Sunrise Genetics cannabis genome project (, and worked on consulting for Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate fiber hemp production in North Dakota. 

Favorite thing about working at Superior Molecular: I enjoy figuring out how to make or create things. There's never a shortage there is always a lot of different projects going on at any one time and as the lab lead I get to be involved in most of it. 

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul



Thomas Thorpe - Executive Vice President

About Me: Hello my name is Thomas, I graduated from Hopkins High School before attending University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  After a few years of Business and Econ classes, I dove head first into pursuing a hands on learning experience in the extraction and infusion of Cannabinoids. In the Pacific Northwest I once got hired by a company and was immediately in charge of the harvest, drying and curing of thousands of pounds before being promoted to Lab Director to process a % of the harvest.  I then took my hands on experience from years to start my own processing and consulting company to build my portfolio of experience with extraction and infusion before returning home to Minnesota. My drive for over 10 years in cannabis education has always been to understand how this plant interacts with our bodies and how it can further improve the quality of peoples life in the recreational and medical uses.  I have always enjoyed creating small batch, craft quality concentrates and edibles and am so excited to share what Superior Molecular, Granny's Edibles and Doc Dabs have to share with the Minnesota Cannabis Community. 

Favorite thing about working at Superior Molecular:  Terps & Pretzels 

Fun Fact:  I love smoking hemp pre rolls while taking long walks on the beach - lol.


Tom Garry - Project Management 

 About me: Hi, I'm Tom. After growing up in Saint Paul, MN I studied Sociology and Ethnobotany at the University of Minnesota. Since then I've worked in diverse positions within the specialty coffee, craft beer, and wine industries - all the while cultivating a passion for some of the world's finest beverages. I'm fascinated by flavor and always relish an opportunity to create or collaborate on something new and delicious. Cannabis has been a powerful therapeutic tool for family members of mine and others close to me, which continually motivates me to explore everything the plant can do. Outside of work you can usually find me outside, whether I'm hiking, foraging, fishing, or playing some disc golf. 

Favorite Thing About Working at SM: Getting to work with our fantastic clients to create so many different things that sit at the intersection of innovative and delicious.

Fun Fact: Some of my favorite things to pair with THC are the mornings first cup of coffee, fresh morels fried in butter, and campfires with old friends.